Rider from Japan wheelies for 13 hours, sets record

  • Published By: Droom
  • 5 May 2017
  • 09:45 AM

Masaru Abe broke the world record on his Yamaha Jog scooter.

Japanese rider Masaru Abe broke the world record for the longest continuous wheelie. He rode for over 13 hours on one wheel at the Kawaguchi Auto Race facility in Saitama, Japan. Abe maintained an average speed of 40kph, covering about 688.5m per lap.

The previous record was set by motorcycle trials rider Yasuyuki Kudo in 1991 and stood at 331.0195km. Abe went past the previous record in 8 hours, 18 minutes and 43 seconds and continued riding for close to five more hours, setting the new record in the process, which now stands at 500.5322km. He initially planned to cover 600km. The record attempt was especially difficult as Abe was attempting it on the 125cc 4-stroke Yamaha Jog scooter.

Abe experienced severe back pain and took painkillers during his ride. By the time he finished, he was dehydrated and only partially conscious. Motivation from the crowd and his support team, which included former two-time 125cc world champion Haruchika Aoki, helped him deal with the excruciating pain. Abe said, ““If I didn’t go further than what I thought my own limit was, then someone else would. I thought if I was going to try and break the record, then I would have to post unattainable numbers that would leave people totally speechless.”

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