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There are 7 Road Side Assistance Scooter services available for your Road Side Assistance Scooter. The starting price of the RSA service for scooter is ₹299. The inconvenience of getting stuck in the middle of the road is no less hectic in case of a scooter. Solutions like on-road key lockout service, fuel refilling service, scooter towing service, jumpstart for weak and dead battery are the part of scooter RSA. Both basic and premium RSA package for scooter are available for a validity period of 1-month, 3-months & 1-year at your doorstep with best prices.


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    Avail Roadside Assistance for Scooter for Your Own Safety

    You want the latest model of scooter, top-class technology, sturdy body, signals for every issue and of course the other safety factors. The safety technology for two-wheelers like scooters has been improving constantly. The new technologies have been offering better and more comfortable riding experience for every scooter owner. Even then, you cannot say that your vehicle is safe. Ultimately, it’s an engine and an engine can get issues at any time. It’s when you need the service of scooter roadside assistance. If you are stranded in the middle of a road or feeling unsafe at midnight in an isolated road but cannot move as your scooter’s fuel has been exhausted or you don’t know why the start button is not working or tyre is just punctured, the roadside assistance can help you. 

    What is the importance of the roadside assistance for scooters? 

    The importance of roadside assistance is immense. This is your “friend in need” just like an insurance service. You never know when your scooter will stop rolling. It may happen anytime any day. When it happens, you’ll feel extremely helpless. Your time will be spoiled so also your schedule. This is the scooter breakdown services that can keep you confident. Whenever you are trapped in some award situation where your scooter doesn’t move nor there any garage or pump visible in the vicinity, your roadside service provider is there just a phone call away.  

    What kinds of services do a scooter roadside assistance provide? 

    Most of the roadside assistance providers offer services in packages. Depending on the package you can avail of different services. However, some common services are more or less available with every package like the following ones:

    Flat tyre replacement and repair – If stepney is available, the technician replaces the flat tyre with it on the spot. As in many scooters these days, the extra tyre is not available, the technician repairs the punctured tyre and make the scooter fit for running. 

    Jumpstart for weak or dead battery – The battery of the scooter may die out if you have not noticed its problems earlier. During rainy days this problem may occur if you are crossing an inundated road. This problem also occurs in the cold season too. Your scooter breakdown services help to jumpstart your scooter if you are stranded in the downpour or the middle of a road due to a dead battery. 

    On-road key lockout assistance – If the key is not working, lost or broken, your road assistance service could be called for help. 

    Fuel refilling service – If for any reason whatsoever your fuel tank gets exhausted in the middle of a road, you can call your roadside assistance for fuel refilling service. 

    Scooter towing services – This service is required when the scooter is severely damaged due to an accident. Your roadside assistance services provider arranges for towing the damaged vehicle to the nearest service centre or garage depending on the situation. 

    Several other complimentary services are also provided depending on the package you choose. You can get city route and map guidance over the phone, on the spot repair service for minor issues, tele assistance for minor repair, and many more. 

    How should you choose scooter breakdown services? 

    The following are key factors in determining the kind of roadside assistance you require:

    How old is your scooter? If it is an old model, then you should register for a roadside service immediately. 

    The price of the package is also to be considered. For old models, the prices of assistance remain higher than the newer ones. Several other factors also determine the price. If you travel a lot and go to distant places with the scooter, you should choose a roadside assistance plan accordingly. 

    The plans come in packages like 1-month plan or 3-months plan, etc. depending on your budget, you can choose the plans. 

    How does Droom help to procure a roadside assistance service? 

    Droom helps to find the perfect roadside assistance provider in your area. Here, you get complete information about the best service providers and their packages. Droom also helps in completing all paperworks related to this service. 


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