Listing Certification Package

Droom offers Listing Certification Tools during listing creation process, which will increase trust and confidence in buyers, and they quickly take a buying decision. The Listing Certification tools comprise of different Droom Ecosystem Services like Orange Book Value Premium Report – for pricing certification, History Platinum Report – for used vehicle history details, and ECO Inspection Report – for vehicle inspection report, that will help sellers in gaining buyers’ attention.

Get your listings certified and see a rise in your orders!

You can either buy available Listing Certification Package as a whole or customize it as per your requirements. You can buy this package while creating a listing, and all the premium reports for the listing will be available to all buyers for free. With Listing Certification package, you can provide maximum details to prospective buyers and increase trust and confidence.

Benefits for Sellers

  1. Get Listing Certification Badge on the listing
  2. Increase the FCTS by up to 17%
  3. Increase the chances of selling a vehicle faster
  4. Increase the visibility of your listings and get up to 40% more responses
  5. Buyers can choose special filters like “Certified Listings” on search result display pages

You can buy the Listing Certification Package while creating a listing. You can choose to buy all the premium services or edit the package as per your requirement. You can select this package before activating a listing. You can buy this package under “Certification Tools” after providing all the detail of a vehicle before “Activation” tab. Once you buy it, the package will be added to your cart and you can make the payment through secure payment gateway.

The listing with Listing Certification Package will show all the premium reports for buyer for free. Below is are the price details for the packages:

Package Details

  • Two-Wheeler - ₹399 (20% Discount)
  • Four-Wheeler - ₹699 (12.5% Discount)


Listing Certification Package is an all-in-one package that includes premium reports for Droom Ecosystem services like OBV (Orange Book Value), History and ECO Inspection for 2-Wheelers & 4-Wheelers.

You can order the Listing Certification Package while creating a listing under "Certification Tools" tab after providing inputs for vehicle details and before the "Activation" tab.

Also, you can purchase this package from your Storemanager account, through My Listings tab.

Yes, the package is customizable. You can either buy all the items to avail package discount or select the items as per your requirements.

All the reports will be visible in the Storemanager and on the listing details page once accepted and processed by the sellers.

OBV and History report will be available within 1 hour of placing the order. Eco Inspection report will be scheduled as per the date selected. Post inspection, the report will be attached to the listing.

Visit Storemanager Account to buy Listing Certification Package.