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  • Makes your vehicle safe for your loved ones by making it 99.99% germ free and inhibiting any microbial growth
  • Proven effective on droplet-based viruses like SARS, HBV and many more
  • Takes around 10-15 minutes for treatment followed by 15 minutes of waiting time and guarantees RLU under 100 up to 3 months
  • Bonds with any surface resulting in a strong, durable, invisible and effective barrier with a long history of safe use
  • Odourless, long-lasting and applicable to all materials and surfaces
Germ Shield

What is Germ Shield?

Antimicrobial Coating Vs Disinfectant Services

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Contamination Level (RLU)

  • Considered Food Safe 0 - 30
  • Considered Clean 31 - 200
  • Contaminated 201 - 500
  • High Risk of Infection 501 - 1000
  • Extreme Risk of Infection 1001+


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Once coated on a surface, it works as an antimicrobial agent giving 99.99% germ kill protection & inhibits microbial growth. It works as a sanitization coating on any surface & can be effective up to 3 months*
The technology used for Germ shield has been proven effective against SARS and other droplet-based viruses & being antimicrobial in nature it inhibits the growth of microbial providing effective sanitization for automobiles.
It inhibits the growth of microbial on surfaces to protect any vehicle from viruses. It provides you with 99.99% germ kill protection. It sanitizes vehicles by making them virus-proof using a globally proven technology that lasts up to 90 days*
For two-wheelers, the one-time treatment starts at Rs. 599 and for four-wheelers, the one-time treatment starts at Rs. 1179 and increases depending on the body type of the vehicle. You can opt for Annual Packages of the treatment to enjoy significant reduction in pricing and get services 2 times or 4 times in a year as per your chosen package.
It is an outstanding disinfectant and in simple words, it forms an optically clear & protective shield that has been proven to be effective against SARS and other droplet-based viruses. We also provide a testing service using ATP swab technique which is a globally used tool to measure the contamination level on a surface. Germ Shield has got accreditations of ISO 9001 2015 and ISO 14001 2015 and its efficacy is tested by FICCI Research and Analysis Centre.
There are no know side effects of the treatment.
It will not leave any spots or damage the surface. The coating only forms an optically clear & protective shield which in turn hinders the microbial growth on the coated surface. In some cases, it also helps to reduce the stains.
Droom will provide you with certification cards of the treatment upon completion which will be integrated with our online platforms to educate you further to stay safe. It will be provided to you over your registered email ID.
It only takes around 10-15 minutes for the treatment of the Vehicle, followed by 15 minutes of waiting time for it to dry and bond to the surface. The Vehicle can be used immediately after the dry & bonding period.
It is a completely odorless coating and does not leave any kind of spots, also it helps to prevent odor in the future as well.
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Currently we are providing the packages on introductory prices, which are expected to go up soon. Any other promotional discount and coupons will be available in the cart during the checkout process depending upon the promotional availability.
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Yes, the Germ Shield Service is typically meant for sensitive areas which are open to common usage and where the risk of contamination is more through contact. Some of the highly sensitive areas include the door handles, dashboard, steering and entire exterior of the vehicle.
Germ Shield is the best and the ultimate form of sanitization service with antimicrobial transparent coating that is proven against droplet-based viruses, done by using electrostatic sprayer, conducted by certified staffs, effective on fabric, leather and other porous materials, proved by doing Swab Test for contamination level and most importantly it is effective for next 3 months. There are two more sanitization and disinfection services as well, which are Industrial Grade Sanitization which will last for 10 days and Disinfectant Spray last for 48 hours. These two services does not involve the same product, procedure and guarantee offered by Germ Shield and are much cheaper than Germ Shield.
Usually there isn’t much aftercare cautions expect for a few, such as:
a. Avoid heavy scrubbing of the treated surface
b. Avoid cleaning with abrasive cleaners
c. Avoid over abuse of the treated surface
d. Moisture can cause damage to the protective coating on the surface
e. Ensure that the surface is not damp
Germ Shield is a special technology that uses a digital ATP Swab Test technique for measuring the contamination levels and ensures 99.99% decrease in microorganisms post-treatment. It forms a strong protective barrier that kills microorganisms & lasts for up to 90 days* compared to other sanitization techniques that are not so effective & durable. Germ Shield is not a disinfectant, it’s a long-lasting antimicrobial coating.
*The efficacy of the treatment is valid for 3 months, i.e. RLU (relative light units) up to 100 can be maintained for 3 months