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  1. Disclaimer: “Please note that this anti-microbial treatment solution (“GermShield”) has proven effective on droplet-basedviruses. Droom does not assume any liability for effectiveness or accuracy of the Services rendered by any of itstechnicians/vendors and quality of the Services and accuracy of claims made are at the sole risk/liability of thetechnicians/vendors
  2. Single Order Can Be Placed Per User
  3. The Deal was Live on 17th Oct from 10 AM till 18th Oct 7 PM
  4. More about the Service:
    • The anti-microbial solution (Germ Shield) Service for Your vehicle will provide 99.99% germ kill protection via its transparent coating on the surface
    • The efficacy of the treatment is valid for 3 months
    • Post Service efficacy cannot be guaranteed in case high-pressure cleaning equipment, shampoo, hard polish, abrasivecleaners are used for cleaning the Germ Shield treated surfaces
    • The Service is available in select cities which shall be updated solely on Droom’s discretion
    • The Service can be availed all 7 days between 9 AM to 6 PM
    • The Service appointment and time slot to be confirmed by vendor post order confirmation
    • Droom shall not be responsible if the ATP machine is not calibrated or has technical glitch on its part
    • The ATP Swab Test or Contamination Test must be conducted by Droom’s Germ Shield Silver certified technician
    • Buyer must bear the cost of contamination test and treatment in case of any wrong claim or misrepresentation is found by
  5. Service Disclaimer: “Due to high demand of this Service, there can be a delay in the fulfillment of the Service. However, your order will be attempted to be fulfilled within 24 hours”. Droom will not be liable for any delay in Services or any kind of damages which You may incur in case the Service is delayed.
  6. If you Have Any Concern Regarding the Service Delivered, Please Contact Our Customer Support Within 5 days From the Date of Delivery, Otherwise Concern will not be Considered As Valid and No Action will be Taken
  7. Cancellation can be Done at Order Placed Status
  8. No refund will be given once the Technician has been assigned
  9. Droom Reserve the Right to Cancel Your Order Without Explaining Any Reason (S). Any Illicit Means Of Placing Multiple Orders Will Result in Disqualification From "Germ Shield Flash Sale"
  10. In Case of Any Dispute the Maximum Liability of Droom Is the Amount Paid by the User at the Time of Purchase
  11. Buyer Details will be Checked and Verified By Our Verification Team. Droom May Ask for More Information Before Processing Your Order
  12. This Offer Can Only Be Availed with The Online Payment Method Only. There Is No COD (Cash on Delivery) Option Available
  13. This is a Consumer Promotion Only and Any Order Deemed to Have Been Placed for Reselling Purpose Shall Be Cancelled
  14. Droom's Decision Is Final, Please Consult Our Dispute Resolution Team for Any Issues
  15. Please Note: For Any Support, Contact Our Customer Care On: 9650 08 08 08
  16. This Offer Is Valid Only on Droom Website and Droom Mobile Application. However, Droom Has Right to Change the Offer Without Explaining Any Reasons
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