As India’s first online marketplace to buy & sell used and new automobiles and automobile services,
Droom has supported over 100,000 entrepreneurs in the automobile space, and this is just the start!

Droom is a Venture by Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal

Sandeep is the only Indian technology founder with two Unicorns back-to-back – Droom, India's first online automobile marketplace and ShopClues, India's first-ever managed online marketplace.

In April 2014, Sandeep started Droom, an online transactional marketplace for buying and selling of used and new automobiles. Droom is a completely disruptive business, which has created an unparalleled selection, trust, and pricing advantage for buyers.

Sandeep successfully built ShopClues as the 5th Unicorn in Consumer Internet in India despite being the 35th entrant into Indian E-Commerce. Sandeep founded ShopClues.com at his house in California in Oct 2010 and moved to India in August 2011 to empower 15Mil SME sellers.

Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Sandeep worked for 14 years - as an Internet research analyst for nearly a decade on wall street, and in strategy roles at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, and Schwab.com in San Francisco, working closely with the founders' Bill Gates and Charles Schwab.

Sandeep is one of the masters in MTV Dropout, a reality TV show on entrepreneurship. He has been very actively collaborating with policymakers and trade bodies. Sandeep authored the best selling book titled 'Fall Again Rise Again'. He has an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and holds a US patent.

To get advice from Mr Sandeep Aggarwal, write to sandeep@sandeepaggarwal.com

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Droom.in e-commerce Day 2017 concluded on May 6, 2017. Stay tuned for the next edition.

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