Society demands certain set of rules and laws for survival and prosperity. Laws as well as their enforcement are amongst the most crucial indicators that act as the foundation of a society’s success. Traffic regulations differ in various countries but they all serve the same purpose, which is to provide and preserve the safety of the people on road. Traffic rules are made to avoid traffic jams and accidents in cities and towns.

Do you know there are 3 different categories of Traffic Signs. Here they are as follows.

Mandatory signs

Cautionary Signs

Informatory Signs

Hefty Fines

Juvenile Driving
₹25,000 Fine with three year jail for guardian or owner of the vehicle. Juvenile will be tried under JJ Act. Vehicle’s registration will be cancelled

Violations of licensing conditions
₹25,000 -
₹1,00,000 Fine

Not Giving Way to Emergency Vehicle
₹10,000 Fine

Overloading of Passenger
Violations of licensing conditions
₹1,000 Fine

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