4 Out Of 10 Cars Manufactured In India Are White

  • Published By: Pratik@motorbeam.com
  • 8 February 2019

Only 43 percent of new cars manufactured in 2018 in India were white in colour

A recent survey suggests that four out of ten cars manufactured in India in 2018 are white. Whereas, globally, eight out of ten cars are white. Which means 43 percent of the cars manufactured in India are white and 15 percent are grey and silver while the rest of them are colourful. The red colour was the most preferred chromatic colour which contributes in 9 percent of new cars in 2018.

One of the biggest reasons for preferring white colour is easy maintenance and good resale value. The achromatic colours contribute to 80 percent of total cars globally which includes white, grey and silver colours. In the SUV segment too, white colour is very popular which makes 41 percent of the total SUVs manufactures in India.

Even when it comes to small cars, white colour is preferred. Fun fact is that white colour also improves the fuel efficiency of a car marginally as the colour keeps reflects heat and doesn't absorb, keeping the car's mechanicals relatively cooler, offering more economical figures. However, the mid-size sedans including Ciaz, City, Verna, etc. had the second most preferred colour as black.

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