Ford Endeavour Transformed Into Party Limo; Weird Modification or Party Car?

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  • 20 March 2019

Watch how this modified Ford Endeavour SUV tries to emulate Limousine.

Ford Endeavour is the best true-blue American SUV you can get in India as of now. Competing with established names such as the Fortuner in the segment, the new Endeavour matches its butch looks by offering the largest wheelbase in the segment. Not just the recently update model, the last model too found a lot of favor among the customers and continues to be a hit car in the used car market. That’s why we present to you a Ford Endevaour that has been somehow converted into a stretch limo!

If not for the extra ‘length’ in the middle, the Endeavour’s rear and front remain largely unchanged here, although you will find a lot in the middle, where once only 3 seats lived. Apart from all the positive potential upsides one could see to super-sizing their already large SUV to such a huge car, one must always keep in mind that even before the new laws were introduced by the Supreme Court, these modifications were highly illegal. No sane traffic cop will allow this car to run freely on Indian roads.

Talking about the changes made to this unusual SUV to limousine modification, apart from the very noticeable elongation of the SUV, the exteriors have not been tweaked a lot. As is with the modification cases these days, there are a lot of LED lights adoring the car, there is also a LED bar on the front top of the SUV. The front bumpers have been updated with bullbars and a lot of aux lights on them. Talking of the rear, there is a top spoiler installed on the SUV, the bumper has been changed, and there is the usual retinue of LED lights here as well. There is hardly a need to explain what has been done to the central part of the erstwhile SUV, it has been joined with the rear and front with the help of a long body.

Limos are known for the stuff they offer on the inside, and the modification job here also does not disappoint. There is a long tunnel styled in a lounge fashion A long couch runs along one side of the inside, while there a mini-fridge and LED screen inside as well. Not just this, there is an electric sunroof, inverter for power cuts and curtained windows here. Matching the exteriors, there are lights inside this custom Endeavour as well and they can add quite a flavor to the celebration once utilized to their full potential.

As already mentioned, while this particular modification will be a nightmare to drive and also illegal on the roads, it can be quite a hit during private celebrations. With the entertainment system inside the car ready to amp things up, and the vast array of lights on the car also add to the mood!

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