Volvo 360c Autonomous Concept shows how future vehicles would look like

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  • 7 September 2018

Volvo has come up with the 360c Autonomous Concept, which is fully autonomous that doesn't require a driver and fully electric.

Volvo has been the frontrunner in every safety and technological marvel. After bringing the safest car in the world, Volvo cars have now imagined a unique way of travelling. With the 360c concept, Volvo is planning to change the autonomous car scenario.

The Volvo 360c Concept is a fully autonomous, all-electric driverless vehicle. The vehicle gets a lot of space after eliminating mechanical components like the steering wheel and combustion engine. This leverage in space allows the unorthodox placement of passenger seat. The autonomous vehicle can also be used as a mobile office, entertainment room, living room or as a bedroom to sleep when tired after a long day of work and travel. The 360c concept is a futuristic representation of a caravan.

Volvo believes that the 360c is a rival to short duration flights. They say, the hassle of ticket booking, ques and misplaced luggage can be eliminated by Volvo’s 360c. With this concept not only future travelling but city planning, infrastructures and modern-day environmental footprint will also change. Moreover, the change will be towards the future generation which is yet to arrive.


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