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US President Donald Trump’s Beast - Top 7 Things To Know

  • Published On: 25 February 2020
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Meet the Beast- World’s Safest Limousine

The American President Donald Trump is on a whirlwind tour to India with an entourage of cabinet members, businessmen and a special vehicle named the Beast. Donald Trump arrived in India in ‘Air Force One’ and will use the ‘Beast’ to travel through Indian roads for the time that he is in the country. The Beast is a modified Cadillac which makes it one of the safest vehicles in the world and usually travels in a motorcade which would includes around 50 plus cars. People across the world line up to watch the American President but also the formidable Beast in action.

So we bring you the 'Top 7 Things To Know About The Beast :

1. The Beast has reinforced steel protecting the vehicle from bombs and mines with a hidden night vision camera. 

2. It stocks everything from pump-action shotguns to tear gas cannons to President Rh-negative blood bags for the US President. 

3. The beast moniker is rightly earned with kevlar reinforced tyres with steel rims making them resistant to gunshots, tyre spikes and punctures.

 4. This limousine can accommodate four persons apart from the US President with a panic button and an independent oxygen supply for emergencies. 

5. Communication is key in today’s world and the Beast has a proper communication outlet and a GPS tracking center. It also features a satellite phone with a direct line for President Trump to be able to speak with Mike Pence - Vice President Of the United States Of America and the Pentagon.

6. This particular vehicles windows are designed to protect the occupants against threats as it is made of five layers of glass and polycarbonate that  can withstand armour piercing bullets. 

7. If anyone thinks of firing at its fuel tank, then they are in for a surprise. The fuel tank is armor-plated and is filled with a special foam that prevents it from exploding in case of a crash.
 Maintained by United States Secret Services, the Beast weights 6.4 tons and is the safest set of wheels used for ferrying one of the most important persons in World Politics - The American President.   


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