India’s First High - Performance Electric Bike Unveiled, Comes At 3 Lacs

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  • 14 November 2019

India’s first-ever high-performance electric motorcycle has finally arrived known by the name Ultraviolette F77. Know it's specifications, features, variants, on road price in India.

India’s first-ever high-performance electric motorcycle has finally arrived known by the name Ultraviolette F77. The bike is launched by Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd fact whose aims to break negative myths and perceptions associated with electric bikes.

As per the company the bike has been tested in the roughest of the terrain and under extreme climatic conditions.

The F77 is designed as a commuter bike that would satisfy the adrenaline cravings for both seasoned riders as well as enthusiasts. The motorcycle delivers high performance that helps the bike go from 0 to 100km/hr in just under 7.5 seconds. The bike is capable of achieving a top speed of 140km/hr.  

The Ultraviolette F77 electric bike has a Modular Battery technology that delivers an all-electric powertrain capable of producing a peak torque of 90Nm.

To ensure the bike delivers a top-notch performance the company has fitted the bike with steel-aluminium frame, inverted front forks, and an adjustable rear suspension. The bike comes with adaptable power regeneration mode that adds up to the battery’s charge.

The electric bike gets a CCS Type-2 charging port that supports AC as well as DC charging. When the bike is connected with a fast charger, the bike gets charged up to 80% in mere 50 minutes while it takes 90 minutes to fully charge a bike. However, with a standard charger, the battery is charged up to 80% in 3hours and gets fully charged in 5 hours. On being fully charged, the bike has a riding range of 130km to 150km. To suit different tastes, the bike comes with three riding modes- Eco, Sports and Insane. The bike is available in 3 variants that are- Lightning, Shadow, and Laser.

In the beginning, the bike will be available only in the Bengaluru at an on-road price of Rs. 3 Lacs.

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