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Tata Sierra Modified into a Hardcore Off-Roader

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  • Published On: 26 October 2020
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Modified Sierra SUV comes with design updates like a new bumper, bash plate and knobby tyres

Tata Sierra Modified Side Front
Tata Sierra Modified
Tata Sierra Modified Side
Tata Sierra Modified Side Front
Tata Sierra Modified
Tata Sierra Modified Side


  • Tata Sierra modified into a hardcore off-roader.
  • Sierra features a unique green colour paint job.
  • Original 3-door design of the SUV remains unchanged.
  • Cosmetic upgrades include enhanced front and rear bumpers.

Tata Sierra was omnipresent on Indian roads from early 90's to the starting of the millennium. Currently discontinued by Tata Motors, it still retains a cult appeal among the automobile enthusiasts in the country. Once in a while we do come across the Tata Sierra burning the streets with their power. Today, we bring to you a unique customized Tata Sierra designed for hardcore off-roading. Automobile customizing firm which goes by the name of NYC Custom has done a terrific job of customizing the SUV. They have uploaded a video on their YouTube Channel showcasing the modified version and by the looks of it, they seem to have done a tremendous job. It gets a green colour paint job making it difficult for the eyes to spot it in the forest foliage. 

The customized 3-door SUV comes with design and styling updates while retaining its muscular appeal. Thus the designers have added a new bumper, bash plate, fog lamps to the SUV. Addition of blacked-out headlamps with dual wave-shaped slits enhances the aesthetic appeal of the iconic off-roader. The front profile is refreshed with a customized grille housing the designer's NYC logo on it. For more off-road capability, the design house has added knobby tyres, external roll cage and an LED light bar on the top of the vehicle. They have not forgotten to add a spare wheel, in fact it is mounted on the roof. Towards the rear, there is space for a jerry can and a mechanical jar. The stock rear bumper has been replaced by a customized one built specifically for off-roading. Other noticeable upgrades include quad exhaust pipes, snorkel, vinyl and stickers. We have to admire the designer's decision not to alter the original 3-door design of the SUV as its old classic look remains intact. The automobile designing firm hasn’t yet given any information pertaining to the powertrain modifications. The stock Tata Sierra housed a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel Peugeot XD8 engine under its hood. The engine came paired to a G76 5-speed manual gearbox. 

As a result of this, one can say that the reintroduction of Sierra nameplate could create quite a stir in the SUV segment. Given the fact that it was showcased earlier this year during the Delhi Auto Expo in the form of a concept. We had covered the vehicle back then and can safely say that if brought back Tata Motors could have a winner in its hand. 

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Author: Abhinav Smith

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