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Polestar Reveals 1 coupe, Powered by Hybrid Powertrain

  • Published On: 23 October 2017
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This car will be the company’s flagship sedan and is powered by a 600hp hybrid powertrain.

The ex-performance arm of Volvo, Polestar has taken the wraps off its standalone brand, the Polestar 1 coupe. The 600hp four-seat hybrid coupe will make production in mid-2019, followed by an all-electric Tesla Model 3 rival and a battery-powered SUV.

The Polestar 1 also uses two electric motors with a total output of 218hp, and it can supposedly cover an all-electric range of 150km. The electric motors work together with Volvo’s Drive-E 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, which sends around 382hp to the front wheels for a combined output of 600hp and 999Nm.

The company will only make 500 units of its flagship sedan every year, with only left-hand-drive models expected due to the small scale of production. You can buy the car using an online subscription scheme, with Polestar Spaces established for those who prefer to shop in person. Subscriptions will be on a two or three-year basis. The company is yet to announce prices.

Author: Droom

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