Mobile app lets you organise group rides now

  • Published By: Hari
  • 4 July 2018

The Traeser app allows you to plan and track group rides conveniently and is free to use.

Three motorcyclists have developed an app that's meant to bring convenience to group rides. The app is called Traeser and it allows you to plan a ride and share the route with fellow riders, as well as track their progress throughout the ride.

You can add waypoints along the route and add a description of each point, so once the route is finalised, it can be shared with all the participants. You can also use the ‘Observers’ feature and view the progress of participants without being part of the ride yourself. These features work with the rider’s Bluetooth communicator to alert them of any notifications. It also offers digital storage of important vehicle-related documents, as well as medical information.

Since the app is intended to be used on long, group rides, an effort has been made to keep phone battery and data usage to a minimum. The app is available for free on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

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