Uber flying taxis might come to India

  • Published By: Pratik@motorbeam.com
  • 3 September 2018

Uber is preparing to launch flying taxis in some countries. While there is still a while for them to be implemented, Uber has started working on food delivery from drones with Uber Eats.

The population and number of vehicles will go on increasing with time, hence the traffic. With increasing congestion on roads, we are looking for other means of commute. But, don’t worry Uber is now one step closer to solving this problem as the tech giant narrows its search for international cities to host flying taxis. With Dallas and Los Angeles has already chosen for the launch, the third city will be from Japan, France, Brazil, Australia or India. The criteria for the city chosen depends on the dispersed population hubs, airports within one hour in the region and majorly on the people’s willingness to use this beyond the imaging technology.

Each of the above regions has its own uniqueness. India has a population advantage and has most densely populated metropolitan cities in the world. Australia has commenced its massive urban air transport. Uber is building its own state of the technology hub in France. Brazil already has introduced helicopters as taxis, many of which are associated with Uber. Lastly, Japan is always in the foremost in using technologically advanced methods of public transport and automotive innovation.

Uber has already partnered with aircraft manufacturers, battery technology companies, real estate giants and various government bodies. Now, Uber is trying to capitalize on the further advanced technologies of lightweight, electric powered, vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The company is discussing with its stakeholders about the third location and decision will be made within six months and the operation of the flying taxis will take further five years from there. And don’t be surprised if you get your food delivered with a drone in the coming future, as uber is going to integrate Uber Eats with massive Flying Taxis project.

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