Evolet Unveils EV Range at Auto Expo 2020

  • Published By: Paramjeet.adhana@droom.in
  • 6 February 2020

Evolet showcased a huge range of scooters, motorcycles, quad bikes, ambulances, mopeds, E-auto and buses at the event.

Evolet India, Gurugram based start-up, showcased a wide variety of its e-scooters like Polo, Pony and Derby at hall no-11, at Auto Expo 2020. We also saw the unveiling of other awaited products of Evolet brand like Hawk, Raptor and Commercial vehicles such as E-Auto and Bus (Lancer) at the Expo.

Evolet aims to bring a wide variety of new-age electric scooters, motorcycles, quad bikes, ambulances, mopeds, E-auto and buses which will get wide attraction in the Indian market. The buyers are leaning towards electrical modes of transport already. They announced a unique feature for its e-scooter called self-balancing which would help the riders avoid sudden loss of balance. The Evolet scooters help the riders in keeping their feet on the footboard while they can leave the handle during breaks. The voice-activated parking assist feature is also offered as standard.

Evolet revealed their electric sports bike Hawk with an attractive and sporty design. It features front fairing, projector lamp, and a fully digital instrument console. Evolet Hawk e-bike has a top speed of 120 kmph and a range of 150 Kms on a single charge. It boasts of twin discs on the front wheel and a single brake-set up at the rear wheel. Charging time takes approx 3-4 hours and the bike has a lot of IoT features. Colour options are blue and silver with a brushless DC motor of 3000 watts and 72v 40 Ah lithium battery. It will be launched in the Indian market by June 2020

The unveiling of an Electric circular scooter named Raptor also took place. This e-scooter is best suited for long-distance commuting. Powered by a 3000 watt DC motor and a 72V 40 Ah Litihium-ion battery, it takes around 3-4 hours for a full charge. White and black colors are available with a host of features like digital speedometer, mobile charging USB port, and IoT. It will also be available by June 2020.

We also saw the Dharm e-moped being unveiled at the event. Powered by 2000 watts 72V 26Ah Lithium-ion battery, it has range of 80 kms on a single charge. We also saw the unveiling of the E-Auto, a specially designed lightweight 3 wheeler electric auto and Lancer- Electric bus. 

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