Tata Launches Aero Option Packs for its Nexon

  • Published On: 21 February 2018

The Aero packages provide three levels of customisation and start at ₹30,610.

The Nexon Aero was showcased at the Auto Expo 2018 and customers can now opt for it in three levels. Level 1 is available on all variants while Level 2 and 3 will only be available on the higher trims, and there are only two options.

The Level 1 Aero kit costs ₹30,610 and comes with bumper protectors and side skirts. There are Aero badges on the C-pillar and this kit is available on all variants.

Level 2 comes has two options – the first is priced at ₹40,824 and is available only on the XE, XM and XT variants, while the other costs Rs 46,856 and can be optioned on the XZ and XZ+ trims. The first option has Aero seat covers, Aero carpets in the cabin and boot, illuminated scuff plates and red mirror covers over and above what you get with Level 1. The second option has all of what you get on Level 2’s first option and gets rimbands on the alloy wheels additionally.

The Level 3 option 1 Aero kit is available on the XE, XM and XT variants for ₹55,625. With this, your car will get a glossy black roof wrap additionally over the Level 2 option 1 kit. The second Level 3 options is available on the XZ and XZ+ variants for Rs 61,574. On this version, you get a body kit, Aero badge on the C-Pillar, Aero seat covers, Aero cabin carpets and boot carpets, red mirror covers, rimbands and illuminated scuff plates.

*The labour charges are ₹7,000; an additional ₹3,500 labour charge is for the roof wrap on kits that have it. (Both the labour prices are not inclusive of taxes).

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