Porsche Won’t Make any More Diesels

  • Published On: 21 February 2018

The company has axed all diesel models from the Macan and Panamera lineup.

The company won’t make diesels anymore, citing poor demand and upcoming stricter emissions tests. The company spokesperson said it mirrors the “cultural shift” of the brand's customers. The last two diesel models, the Macan S Diesel and Panamera 4S Diesel are now discontinued.

Porsche said that the Macan S Diesel was “taken out of the production programme” as buyer demand moves towards petrol and hybrid versions. Porsche said the change was linked to falling overall demand for diesel cars in many markets. Porsche boss Oliver Blume said that “diesel is not so important for Porsche”, revealing that diesel sales made up just 15 percent of Porsche’s total worldwide sales, which come mostly in Europe.

Porsche doesn’t design its diesel engines from the ground up like it does with its petrol engines, instead choosing to source them from elsewhere within the Volkswagen Group. Porsche halted investment in diesel last year and shifted much of its R&D focus to electrification of the brand’s cars.

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