No Sub-Brand for Electric Skodas

  • Published On: 28 August 2017

Unlike VW’s ID or BMW’s i brand, Skoda will not use a sub-brand to sell its electric cars in the future.

Guido Haak, Skoda’s head of management has stated that electric vehicles will be produced under the main Skoda moniker and won’t be sold as a sub-brand.

BMW sells its EVs under the i sub-brand while Mercedes-Benz under its EQ range. Skoda’s EVs will sit directly alongside cars like the Octavia and Superb. Haak compared the Czech carmaker’s effort on par with Tesla, labelling the hugely successful EV brand “the number one risk-takers in the industry”.

He says the Model 3, which has over 400,000 reservations, is “vanilla” in terms of specifications, given the price tag. “This car is a premium car; not for everybody,” Haak said about the Tesla’s Model 3.

He said the Skoda cars will not rival Tesla cars, and would be sold at a more accessible price point. He adde that the company’s main focus is for their cars to be value for money, offer real-world range, design, and provide driver assistance systems, while also being fun to drive.

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