Nissan to unveil new Leaf EV on September 6

  • Published On: 6 July 2017

The new Leaf can travel 547 km on a single charge.

Come this September, Nissan will introduce its new Leaf EV which debuts the company’s new Propilot Park technology. The feature enables the car to park itself using sonar and cameras.

The Propilot suite also includes a single-lane, semi-autonomous feature. With it, the new Leaf will become Nissan’s flagship EV. Also impressive is the Leaf’s maximum range of 547km, which is over double its predecessor's. The bump in range is a result of the new battery pack options that the Leaf can be specced with.

Nissan has released teaser pictures of the car’s grille and headlights, which showcase a more aggressive design of the new car. It looks a lot like the new Micra, which was recently introduced abroad.

The next-gen Leaf is set to launch internationally in 2018, and will play a key role in expanding Nissan’s EV business.

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