Nissan To Showcase Connected Car Tech At CES

  • Published On: 4 January 2019

Nissan to showcase new invisible to visible tech concept at the CES.

Nissan to showcase future connected-car technology that merges real and virtual worlds to help drivers see the invisible. It is a future technology created through Nissan Intelligent Mobility. It is the Japanese automaker's vision for changing how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society.

The new tech (I2V) will support drivers by merging information from sensors outside and inside the vehicle with data from the cloud. This technology will track the immediate surroundings of a car and anticipate what’s ahead that also shows what’s behind a building or around the corner.

I2V opens up endless possibilities for service and communication with interactive guidance inside the car with the help of avatars and similar interesting ways of communication to make driving convenient and comfortable. I2V can also connect drivers and passengers to people in the Metaverse virtual world. This will make it possible for family, friends or others to appear inside the car as three-dimensional, augmented-reality avatars to provide company or assistance.

Upon arrival at a destination, I2V can access SAM to scan for parking spaces and park the vehicle for the driver in situations requiring difficult parking maneuvers. The visitors at the CES can experience this tech with three-dimensional displays and AR technology.

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