Mercedes-AMG to Focus on Electrification for The Future

  • Published On: 14 August 2017

The company has worked on a pure-electric SLS and is currently working on a slew of hybrid projects as well.

The company is currently working on the feasibility of developing performance versions of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles, according to the brand’s director of vehicle development, Drummond Jacoy. He stated that the AMG brand will have to reinvent itself.

The company is already working on some hybrid projects - the Formula-One-powertrain-derived Project One hypercar and the GT Concept. The company has also designed a pure-electric SLS in the past.

“It’s obvious we’re not going to make the world happy with V8s for the next 200 years, and AMG has shown in the past, with the electric SLS years ago, that it has capabilities in all-electric drive,” said Jacoy. “That was a very impressive vehicle for its time and we’ve nurtured that technology and the learning we have from hybrid vehicles. As soon as Mercedes starts a car, we’ll look at what we can do,” Jacoy said. “We’ll have to reinvent ourselves there [with electric cars], obviously, because the sound of a V8 is not going to be there if it’s a pure-electric vehicle. It’s not starting from scratch, but we’re going to have to look at what the AMG story is with an electric vehicle. But we’re working on that.”

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