Honda to Replace CBR 150R, CBR 250R with Newer, More Exciting Products

  • Published On: 5 October 2017

Both bikes don’t meet BS4 regulations and are due for replacement.

The CBR150R and CBR250R were Honda’s flagship products in the sub-₹2 lakh price range but the recent shift to BS4 norms has halted their production in India.

Instead of updating the bikes, Honda is choosing to replace them with fresher and more exciting machines. One of these bikes may even be launched within this financial year. The new company MD Minoru Kato revealed that Honda’s plan for India included four brand new products. The company has already introduced two - the Africa Twin AT and the Cliq scooter.

One of the upcoming models could well be the successor to the CBR250R or the CBR150R - we might finally be seeing the 2017 CBR250R or even the CBR300R in India. The upcoming bike could also be the replacement for the smaller CBR150R, which is already on sale overseas, and has seen a big overhaul over the previous model.

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