Honda will launch the refreshed Navi soon

  • Published On: 3 July 2018

The Navi will come with a fuel gauge, mild cosmetic updates and new accessories.

The refreshed Navi will, finally, come with a fuel gauge. The Navi has a 3.8-litre fuel tank, so the lack of a fuel-gauge always proves inconvenient. Honda may also give the scooter a digital meter, or at least a digi-analogue unit. The scooter will also come with mild cosmetic updates, in the form of new colours and some funky graphics.

Honda is looking to make the Navi more practical, and it will provide add-ons to support luggage, and perhaps illumination and styling elements.

The refreshed Navi will be launched in August 2018 and it could come with a slight bump in prices. The existing Navi is on sale at Rs 44,389 (ex-showroom, Mumbai) with a cashback offer of Rs 5000.

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