Honda showcases new SUV at Beijing

  • Published On: 26 April 2018

The company has introduced the Everus brand in China.

The company has launched an electric brand in China with the unveiling of the Everus SUV concept EV. Honda and its Chinese venture partner, GAC, have been working on launching an EV brand in the country for a while. The first model will be the Everus and you can buy the car privately or even via car-sharing platform Reachstar.

The concept has a lot of distinct Honda element like the strip that connects the front headlights and strong bodyline along the side. The front grille has cascading openings and there are blue flashes on the nose and side sills. There are no other details yet but Honda intends to put 20 electrified vehicles into production by 2020.

The Everus EV will remain a China-only model, but Honda will launch an Urban EV hatchback sometime next year that will be sold globally. The future EV will use a high-density lightweight battery pack, integrated heat management and will feature energy transfer functions.

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