Eicher Pro 3016 AMT, India's First AMT Truck

  • Published On: 28 January 2019

India's first AMT equipped truck launched, Eicher Pro 3016 AMT

Eicher makes and industry-first move by introducing the Eicher Pro 3016 AMT truck, which is the first truck in India having AMT transmission. It is equipped with Intelligent Shift Control Actuator just like AMT in cars, which automatically performs clutch and shift operations. The Indian commercial vehicle maker says it'll offer less fatigue to the driver.

The AMT in the Eicher Pro 3016 comes with both Auto and Manual modes in case the driver needs to take control of the shifts manually. The new Eicher truck also comes with Power and Eco modes with which the driver can choose between more fuel efficiency or better performance. With AMT transmission you also get Crawler mode, Hill start assistance, manual override, launching kick down and running kickdown.

The truck is powered by a 4-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power output of 165 HP at 2600 RPM and 520 Nm of peak torque at 1400-1600 RPM. The truck also comes with cruise control system and fuel coaching. The cabin has got 6-way adjustable seat and sleeper cabin.

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