What is Top-10?

Droom has the most extensive collection of automobiles in the used space in India. This gives every buyer on Droom platform to choose the vehicle of his/ her choice. But, a first time buyer might not know which vehicle to buy. In order to assist the buying process for such users, Droom has compiled the top 10 best selling vehicles in each category (such as cars, bikes, scooters, supercars and super bikes). This will give a fair idea for any user to choose the best automobile, so as to have a hassle free buying experience.

How it works?

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Hyundai i10, Honda Activa, Bajaj Pulsar


The top 10 list in each category here basically shows Buyer’s preference. We at Droom have analyzed thousands of transactions that has happened on our platform to come up with the list of top 10 automobiles. These automobiles are the most sold in each category. We continuously analyze the transactions and the trend changes every quarter. The top 10 list will keep the buyer’s informed on which vehicle sells the most so that a buyer can make an informed buying decision.