WHY YOU NEED ? White Glove
Buying Assistance ?

White Glove Service Provides hassle Free Vehicle Buying
Experience at one go. Our dedicated auto expert team will
help you in getting you the best deals on vehicles along with a
varied range of premium services. Now Sit Back and Relax, Let
Droom Take care of all your Buying Needs.

We Offer to White Glove Customers!

Vehicle Discovery
Upto 2 Vehicle Certification
Insurance Assistance
Up to 6 Valuation & 6 History Reports
Loan (Financing) Assistance
Personalised Price Negotiations
Roadside Assistance Service
RTO (RC Transfer) Assistance
Special Vehicle delivery Experience
30 Days VIP Service by dedicated experts


Droom White Glove Infographic


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White Gloves Buying Service is an assisted Buying VIP Service where premium auto expert will assist you in making your vehicle buying experience seamless and hassle-free.

After you Buy White Glove Service from us, A White Glove Auto Expert will be assigned to you, who will help you find the best vehicle of your choice, negotiate with Seller, provide assistance for anicillary automobile services and make your complete buying experience stress free for you.

Droom uses advance technology and complex algorithms along with our financing partners (banks/NFBs) to do a series of checks on your application before the funds are available to you. If at any stage the information provided by you or the verification(s) initiated by us are found to be incomplete, fraudulent or unverifiable then your application will be terminated at the discretion of the financial institution you choose (Bank/NBFC)

If you are buying a luxury Vehicles then White Glove service is free.

White Glove agent assists you in getting the Insurance. Droom will not charge any Processing fee on it, but the service provider may charge you a processing fee

White Glove agent assists you in RC transfer, but charges has to be borne by buyer for the transfer

Once you Buy a White Glove Service from Droom, A White Glove Expert will be assigned to you and call you to assist you in your buying needs.
You can also reach out to us at +91 9650 080808