Droom is India’s first marketplace for automobile and that means we are the only online platform in India to enable any automobile transaction end to end. We do that by creating unparallel advantage for trust and pricing for buyer which we think nobody is offering offline or online.

  • Listing Details
    Read carefully the listing details

    Droom offers more information in a listing to a buyer than any other offering out there including your face to face meeting with a potential seller

  • Droom Full Circle Trust Score
    Consider Droom Full Circle Trust Score

    This is a completely objective and unbiased way of rating each listing based on its price attractiveness, verification of seller, trust factors etc.

  • Droom History
    Used Vehicle History Report

    Check authenticity of the vehicle information provided by the seller, and verify the historical data of any used vehicle

    Inspect Vehicle within Minutes

    India’s most advanced, independent, objective and unbiased auto inspection and verification service provider

  • Pricing Tools
    Checkout pricing tools

    We offer Orange Book Value (our home grown pricing tool) and other 3rd party tools for you to develop narrow range for the pricing you should pay

  • Buying Formats
    Depending on your comfort choose from 3 Buying Formats

    Droom offers Fixed Price, Best Offer and Auction pricing formats to help buyers get the best deal

  • Token Amount
    Book vehicle with a small amount

    Token Amount takes away all the hassle from the equation and best part is that it is fully refundable and covered under Buyer Protection

  • Seller Details
    Verified sellers only

    Read Seller Details on product page and visit his virtual showroom and store front to develop more comfort around the seller

  • Ratings & Reviews
    Make full use of ratings and reviews

    Droom offers detailed ratings for sellers and products

  • Droom Assist
    Need some handholding or advice? Try Droom Assist

    Chat online, send whatsapp message, write an email or call us, we are happy to help all our customers with best in class customer service. Let us know and we will help you find your dream vehicle in your budget.

  • Droom Discovery
    Confused while buying an automobile?

    Do not know what to buy, what you can afford and what all is out there? Try Droom Discovery

  • Buyer Tools
    Interactive user interface

    Get access to many more buyer tools such as watchlist, share a listing, feature rich My Account, filters, sorting, and search