Indian EV start-up has ceased the production of lead-acid battery pack based e-scooters

Okinawa has discontinued lead-acid battery pack based e-scooters in the Indian market. With focus on environment friendly Li-ion batteries, the fast-growing EV firm has stopped the manufacturing of lead-acid products in India. The EV start-up commenced its journey in India with the launch of Okinawa Ridge which comprised of lead-acid battery. In the next 3 years, the EV manufacturer introduced 4 more lead-acid powered products in the domestic market. Now, it is shifting focus from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion detachable battery-equipped e-scooters. The company has received a good response from the consumers as it is trying to eliminate the charging problem. 

“We are shifting to 100 per cent lithium-ion battery pack based two-wheelers. When we launched the brand, lead acid was the most advanced option available in the market. Now with rigorous growth of the industry and the brand, we have taken a step ahead and have discontinued lead-acid battery pack-based products. Not only will Okinawa products be equipped with lithium-ion battery packs offering efficiency, but they will also come with detachable batteries ensuring convenience to the users,” spoke Mr Jeetender Sharma - MD and Founder, Okinawa. 

As of now, Okinawa has sold over 34,000+ units of lead acid-based products in the country. Overall, the brand has sold over 74,500 units with plans to sell 90,000 units by the end of the current fiscal year. The scooters in the Okinawa portfolio are equipped with made-in-India developed elements like a detachable lithium-ion battery, microprocessor controller and permanent magnet BLDC motor.

Additionally, Okinawa is planning to launch its first electric bike named Oki100. The e-bike prototype was showcased two years ago at the 2018 Auto Expo. Earlier scheduled for a Diwali launch, it got delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. The EV firm also plans to launch a new cruiser scooter sometime next year. With the government aiming for greater electric-powered vehicles adoption in the country, Okinawa is in a prime position to take a lead in the fast-growing EV market.

Lead-acid battery scooters discontinued in India:

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