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Buy 5,906 used Toyota Innova cars available for sale online in India. All second hand Toyota Innova cars are available at best price starting from 85,089 to 23,00,000. Second hand Toyota Innova cars available in Fixed Price. Select any model by trim, check all the specifications, owner details, transmission type and get certified pre-owned Toyota Innova cars in India.


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    Used Toyota Innova 2.0 G 2013
    Used Toyota Innova 2.0 G 2013

    Toyota Innova 2.0 G 2013

    85,000 Km
    Used Toyota Innova 2.5 G 8 STR BS IV 2012
    Used Toyota Innova 2.5 G 8 STR BS IV 2012

    Toyota Innova 2.5 G 8 STR BS IV 2012

    1,30,000 Km
    Used Toyota Innova 2.5 GX 7 STR BS III 2015
    Used Toyota Innova 2.5 GX 7 STR BS III 2015

    Toyota Innova 2.5 GX 7 STR BS III 2015

    1,15,000 Km

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      Get the Best Handpicked Second Hand Innova for Sale

      When looking for a reliable used SUV in India, one name is always on top of the list and that is Innova. The Toyota Innova holds a prestigious position as one of the most renowned offerings from the Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, in India. For several years, a second-hand Innova has remained the top transportation choice for families and corporates alike. 

      No matter if you are a big family looking for a reliable vehicle for your family or a business looking for efficient transportation vehicles purchasing a second hand Innova makes more sense. So rather than buying a brand-new model, invest in a used Toyota Innova and save yourself from a deep cut in your pocket. 

      Check Innova Second Hand Price

      In the current Indian market, you can find Innova second hand price models priced at upwards of Rs. 12 lakhs. However, this is just a general price and it can vary based on the variant and the model year.

      If you're considering an Innova manufactured after 2014, you can expect a price of around Rs. 8-9 lakhs. On the other hand, if you're open to slightly older models from the 2009-2010 range, you can find them at a more budget-friendly Innova car second hand price point, coming in at around Rs. 5-6 lakhs. The cheapest Innova you can see in the second hand car market could go as low as Rs. 85 thousand and the highest price can touch Rs. 23 Lakhs. So, there's a range of options available to fit different budgets and preferences when it comes to purchasing a used Toyota Innova in India.

      Buy Premium Quality Used Innova Variants 

      The first-generation Innova in India marked a notable departure from the styling of its predecessor, the Qualis. It embraced a typical MPV stance, prioritizing practicality over a rugged image. While the 2005 Innova's design wasn't particularly groundbreaking, it was undeniably agreeable and discreet.

      Two Facelifts later, the all-new Toyota Innova Crysta debuted in India at the 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi. It hit the market in May 2016, and one notable change was the significant price increase compared to the outgoing model. It's built on the same IMV platform as the Toyota Hilux, renowned as one of the most challenging vehicles globally. There's a plethora of options available for those looking for the best used Innova variants. These options include Toyota Innova 2.5 G 8 STR BS-IV, Toyota Innova 2.5 G 7 STR BS-IV, Toyota Innova 2.0 G2, Toyota Innova 2.5 GX 8 STR BS-IV, Toyota Innova 2.5 VX 7 STR BS III, Toyota Innova 2.5 V 7 STR, Toyota Innova 2.5 ZX 7 STR BS-IV, and Toyota Innova 2.5 V 8 STR.

      Why is Toyota Innova Second Hand the Best for You?

      A used Toyota Innova is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a comfortable companion. When you choose a used Toyota Innova, you get the full package, here’s how:

      Best-in-class Service: Toyota has built a reputation for its exceptional service quality, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring a trouble-free ownership experience even if you buy a Toyota Innova second hand. For instance, 2005-2006 models are still being used in India for Taxis and in some rural areas as an everyday use vehicle.

      High resale value: The resale value of Toyota Innova in India is quite impressive. That is the reason for the high demand for an Innova used car, even if you yourself have bought a used Innova.

      Safety: The Innova used car not only excels in terms of comfort and features but also stands out in the safety department. The Toyota Innova used car is well-equipped with essential elements to ensure the safety of passengers. With the inclusion of some impressive safety measures like 7 airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), brake assist, and vehicle stability control, it provides peace of mind to both drivers and passengers alike.

      Where to Buy the Best Innova Car Second Hand?

      The Innova car second hand market has undeniably left a lasting impression on Indian roads since its debut. When it comes to purchasing a used Toyota Innova, you have two primary options – online and offline. If you're leaning towards buying a pre-owned Toyota Innova online, selecting the right platform is crucial to ensure a satisfying experience.

      With an extensive inventory featuring over 5500+ used Toyota Innova models available online in India, Droom provides a comprehensive selection to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a specific variant or model year, Droom offers a wide range of options to help you find the perfect 2nd hand Innova that suits your requirements.

      Second Hand Toyota Innova Year Wise Availability

      When it comes to second hand cars you will get multiple variants of Toyota Innova year on year basis. The best part of purchasing used Toyota Innova car is that you will get cars of different years and at different price points. This makes the cars affordable and helps you to choose models that are no longer available on the market. Second hand Toyota Innova models available by year at Droom are: used Toyota Innova 2016 car models, used Toyota Innova 2017 car models, and many more.

      Second Hand Innova by Colors

      Second hand Innova not only saves your pocket from burning, but also makes your dream come true. There are so many colors that were earlier available in the market but now they are obsolete. So, if you are a fan of certain colors then you can always come back to Droom and check out the wide collection of used Innova by colors. Here are the following second hand Innova colors available at Droom: White, Black, Grey, and many more.

      Why Choose Droom For a Used Toyota Innova?

      Droom is the best place to buy used Toyota Innova. With various services at your disposal during the car buying process, we ensure a smooth transaction throughout, even after the sale. 

      Our pricing tool is designed to assist customers in determining a fair market price for the Toyota Innova second hand they're interested in, providing transparency and confidence in during your purchase, we don’t leave you hanging if there are any questions you need the answer for. With our advanced interface and proactive approach, Droom is committed to enhancing the overall buying experience for both customers and sellers in the used Innova market.

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