Jaguar is planning to create distinct vehicles with no overlap

Jaguar unveiled its new Panthera Platform for its EVs. Having said that, Panthera is the scientific identity for the genus of massive cats that features jaguars, tigers, lions and leopards. This new electric vehicle platform will be constructed in-house. 

“Concerning the new Jaguar, we’re making unique proportions a priority. That’s the reason why at the moment we do it by ourselves,” as commented by Thierry Bollore, JLR CEO.

Thierry Bollore on the investor call explained that JLR is planning to commonalise elements across all future JLR platforms as it moves to a lower-volume, higher-value future. Furthermore, Jaguar plans to create “distinct cars with no overlap”. Besides being modern and luxurious, these cars will be equipped with top class technology and refinement. 

“The new control points, the batteries, the electric motors, the software – on-board, off-board – all that is creating real scale,” Bollore further mentioned.

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JLR vehicles basically require a platform that combines design proportions and capabilities that are not available from other car manufacturers citing the MLA high platform that underpins the brand new Range Rover and the future EMA platform for smaller Land Rovers.

“The proportions are crucial to get what we want from Jaguar. The platform is a consequence of proportions we’ve decided on. They’re absolutely bespoke,” as explained by Bollore to Autocar last year.

Jaguar introduced its first electric car - the I-Pace in India last year. This was followed by the launch of the F-Pace facelift. At present, JLR is falling behind on pure-electric sales. Having said that, Jaguar I-Pace accounted for just three percent of sales for the company in the last financial quarter that ended on December 31, 2021.

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