5 Modification Mistakes Royal Enfield Owners Should Avoid

Royal Enfield is the bike brand that has been in continuous production for the longest time in history. After a brief legal tussle, it was established that the brand is Indian and ever since it has not looked back. From being a World War manufacturer to defining the taste of the modern day Indian youth, the Royal Enfield brand has seen a lot in its lifetime. Today, the brand has such a cult following in India that the youth here aspires to own a RE product some day. A lot of customers of RE bikes take it straight from the showroom to the modification garage. However, the new customers and owners often make some major errors while going for the modification of their Royal Enfield bikes. Here are some of the common mistakes you must avoid when modifying your Royal Enfield bike.

No Relay for Horns/Lights

Leave aside, the illegal nature of most of lights and loud horns on bikes, there are a lot of RE owners who nevertheless go for the same. However, even in this scenario what most owners do not realise is that the aftermarket lights or even horns are quite power hungry and thus they require a thorough rewiring and relaying for functioning properly. In worst case scenarios, they even end up damaging the electrical of the bike. So even if you go for a legal aftermarket horn or light, make sure that the wiring and relaying for the particular accessory is carried out properly.

Wrong Crash/Leg Guards

The bulky nature of Royal Enfield bikes makes the use of a crash or a leg guard almost necessary. Several crash or even leg guards also enhance the looks of your Royal Enfield bike. However, a common mistake that many first time modifiers make is putting a larger premium over looks and sacrificing functionality when going for an aftermarket crash or leg guard. Some good looking crash or leg guards are very stiff and in the end cause damage to your legs or bike because they end up transferring all the impact of the crash to the bike or worse – your leg. Therefore, look for company certified models when in the market for an aftermarket crash/leg guard.

Bad Alloys

A lot of Royal Enfield bikes do not come with alloy wheels as standard fitment. Therefore, customers of these bikes take the aftermarket route and install alloys on their REs. However, they end up skimping on the budget and often purchase low quality alloy wheels that are prone to bending and cracking. The wheels of a bike are the part that remains in contact with the road throughout, hence they are prone to causing the most damage in case of failure. Therefore, always invest in good quality alloy wheels when taking the aftermarket route. Now, the brand has also started offering alloy wheels for several models, these wheels are tested by the brand itself. Although, they may be expensive, it is a safer choice.


A handlebar change can vastly impact the way you ride your bike. Right from handling to posture to comfort, a handlebar can impact all of it at once. However, a lot of RE owners have a tendency to change the handlebar just for the look of it and here is where they err. Very wide or even worse, handlebars with metal grips will not only prove to be a pain in the long run, they can also impact the handling of your beloved RE adversely. Therefore, go for a handlebar that is more comfortable and enhances your riding posture.


When talking about modification to Royal Enfield bikes, how can one ignore the elephant in the room – exhaust. This is one of the first things an RE owner modifies and this also proves to be one of the first modification mistake that an RE owner does. Not only are several options available in the market illegal, they also impact your bike’s mechanics in a wrong manner. Forget police crackdowns on illegal exhaust or the sanity of every living soul in a 2-kilometer radius for that matter, always select an appropriate decibel limit exhaust. If the said exhaust is approved by brand, even better.

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