Hyundai Creta waiting period touches 3 months in some cities.

When a customer ventures out to buy a car, the thought of driving back home in the wheels of their choice does indeed crossed the mind. However, this may not be the case for you if you are in the market to buy a compact SUV in India. The best selling compact SUV in India, Hyundai Creta currently has a waiting period on it ranging from 2 to 12 weeks in the market. The waiting period depends on the variant and the place where you are buying the car from. Reports on the internet suggest that the longest waiting period for a Hyundai Creta is 12 weeks in Faridabad and the shortest waiting period for a Creta is 2 weeks in Chennai. This means that you are better off buying a compact SUV like Duster, if you want your ride to be parked at your door at the earliest.

The Creta has normally been a high demand vehicle and only cities like Chennai and Coimbatore have a waiting period of 2 weeks on the compact SUV, while other cities like Faridabad and Ghaziabad have a waiting period ranging from 3 months to 2 months on the Hyundai offering. To let you know, Hyundai Creta is built at Sriperumbudur in Chennai and this might be a reason for the low waiting period on the SUV there. The average waiting period on Hyundai Creta in India is at around 5.75 weeks.

The higher waiting period on Hyundai Creta throws contrast on the other compact SUVs in the segment that do not have that long a waiting period as the segment leader in sales. Maruti Suzuki S Cross, Renault Duster, Renault Captur and Nissan Kicks are among other rivals of the Hyundai Creta in the market and the waiting period for these SUVs ranges from instant delivery to a maximum of 4 weeks for delivery. This shows the sheer popularity of the Hyundai Creta in the Indian market.

The only exception to the above trend is the Nissan Kicks that has a waiting period of 6 weeks in Pune. The closest rivalry that Hyundai Creta gets from is Maruti Suzuki S-Cross that commands an average of 4 weeks of waiting period in India, while other rivals are either readily available across the country or have a maximum waiting period of 4 weeks. Some SUVs such as Renault Captur have nearly zero waiting period on them.

The feature loaded and spacious Hyundai Creta along with its wide variant range and number of engine and transmission options remains the best seller in the segment and the recent waiting period data shows that the Indian public is still very much attracted to Creta despite the company gearing up to fully update the compact SUV in 2020.

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