Kerala Police Women Cops ride Royal Enfield Motorcycles in order to enforce Coronavirus lockdown.

Royal Enfield isn’t just a motorcycle, it’s an emotion. The brand posted six consecutive years of increased sales from 2012 to 2018 with sales numbers increasing from 4,69,741 units to 846,000 during the same period. After this, Royal Enfield suffered a decline of 18 percent in sales in 2019 like most of its peers in the Indian automobile sector. Coronavirus outbreak  has affected Royal Enfield's operations, sales and dealerships across the country. Despite the torrid time in 2020, Royal Enfield is still the preferred choice for the Indian police units. One of the most powerful and rugged Indian motorcycles in the market, Royal Enfield has captured the attention of Kerala Ladies Police. 



With Kerala suffering from the Coronavirus outbreak from the onset, Kerala Police are on the frontlines of enforcing the lockdown. Kerala Ladies Police in Thrissur city has formed a  bike squad to implement the lockdown in an effective manner. Stopping citizen movement is important to inhibit the transmission of Coronavirus in the state. Kerala is getting applause from different quarters of life for its innovative measures taken so far. The state has over 400 confirmed cases with death toll reaching 3 so far. The steps so far taken by the State Government is backed by the effective policing as we see in Thrissur. 


Women Cops ride their Royal Enfield Motorcycles across the city wearing coloured helmets for easy identification. As part of the overall Coronavirus relief steps, this group is helping out the vulnerable sections of society. It’s a part of Kerala Police’s Janamithri Suraksha Project, the initiative is designed to build a good relationship between the Police and the citizens. The community based policing initiative was started few years ago and is becoming crucial in the fightback against Coronavirus. 

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Chennai based automaker’s motorcycles are seen with the police not just in the movies but also on the Indian road. It’s not the first time that Indian police units are employing Royal Enfield motorcycles for their work, Karnataka Police woman in January 2020 participated in an Enfield Rally. 15 woman sub-inspectors were given training in riding Royal Enfield motorcycles. 

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