Droom has launched Seller Marketing Services in StoreManager. It is a self-service platform through which sellers can create deals and promote listings on Droom’s online e-commerce platform with a simple click of a button!

Seller Marketing Services tool empowers you to run as many deals as you want on your Storefront and get maximum buyer attention through attractive deals and pricing. You can give offers on a specific listing or your entire online Storefront on Droom’s platform.

Seller marketing services is a platform through which any dealer using Droom as a selling platform, can create deals and promote listings in a self-servicing manner. All the promotions would be selected by the seller and would be 100% seller funded – giving you complete autonomy in selling your product your own way. Presently, there are five kinds of offers under which the dealers can promote their listings – launch special, anniversary special, monthly special, weekly special and of course freebies. Dealers can also offer specific listings individually on their online Storefront Droom’s platform.

There are 5 types of promotions that you can run to promote your listings:

  1. Anniversary Sale: This category is available for Pro-Sellers from 11th month of engagement on Droom to the 13 month.
  2. Launch Offer: This category is available for sellers who have recently became active on Droom’s platform. It is available up to two months from the date the seller turns into an active pro-seller on Droom platform.
  3. Monthly Special: An active Pro-Seller can any time run monthly special offers.
  4. Weekly Special: An active Pro-Seller can any time run weekly special offers.
  5. Gift/Freebies: Through this offer a Pro-Seller can offer gifts/freebies along with the vehicle.

Benefits for Seller

Below are some benefits of seller marketing services:

  1. You can independently offer as many coupons and discounts as you want on your listings
  2. It is a self-service tool and you can activate any offer anytime from any device.
  3. All the coupons will be generated automatically
  4. All the offers will be displayed together through Droom on

We developed this tool to allow our sellers to sell their products independently and purely on their own terms and conditions, delivering the 21st century of conducting businesses online.

In all the above categories, a dealer can either give a percentage discount or a flat off on the regular selling price of the vehicle.

Coupon will be automatically generated and will be visible on the product page of the listing. A user will have to enter and apply the respective coupon code to avail these offers.

For a buyer/user visiting our platform, the collections of these deals will be visible through page. Each coupon/deal on this page corresponds to the offer on a particular listing. On clicking any of the coupon/deal on this page, the user will land on to the product page of the listing.

FAQs for SMS

Seller marketing services is a platform provided to the dealers on Droom to create and promote their listings in a self-serviced way. Dealers can create promotions under different categories for their listings on Droom Platform with varying dealer funded discounts.