Droom is a self-service platform that is completely performance based marketplace. Here you only pay when you sell. As a seller you must be aware of different service fees levied at Service fee is basically the fee charged by us to provide state of the art user experience to Droom customers. Below are various service fees charged by Droom:

Selling Service Fee: It is the fee charged by the every pro-seller on the basis of every successful transaction. Selling Service fee starts at 1.5% on successful sale of the vehicles and 12% for automobile services sold through Droom platform. Selling service fee is a performance based fee, which is paid by pro-sellers only when a product is sold.

Selling service fee of 2% (inclusive of GST) is not paid by the individual seller, only after the order is successfully completed.

Pro-Seller Subscription Fee: It is the fee paid by a professional dealer, reseller, broker, or auto manufacturer who wants to become a Droom pro-seller. We offer two type of pro-seller subscription – Pro-Seller Basic and Pro-Seller Premium, providing different services, features and benefits to the sellers.

Listing Fee: Droom doesn’t believe in the concept of listing fee. You as a Pro-Seller or Individual Seller can list as many listings as you want on Droom’s online platform.

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