How To Do Your Seller Settings

Droom is a self-service platform and you can easily change your account settings whenever required. Add or edit seller settings in your account to provide most updated information about your business. Following are the steps to add or edit your seller settings on Droom

Login to your account on Droom, using your registered email id and password
step 1
Go to "Settings" option given on left hand side of the screen
step 2
Click on "Seller Settings". This tab allows you to add, or edit your seller information like logo of your company, dealership details and more.
step 3
Click on "Change Photo" to add or edit the existing logo of your business. Select the relevant picture and click open.
step 4
Check "Direct Selling Badge" if you are direct agent for any brand
step 5
Enter description of your business and services provided by you
step 6
Upload photos of your showroom and storefront. Click