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Droom is India’s first online marketplace to buy and sell automobiles. It’s a self-service platform allowing users to create an account and manage their online profiles and listings. Droom’s online platform gives users freedom to upload their product listing, whether automobiles and automobile services, virtually anytime from anywhere. Both pro-sellers and individual sellers have the ability to upload their listing(s) and make it live on our platform.

As a seller it is your responsibility to upload and update your listings on the Droom’s online platform and keep your showroom (only for pro-sellers) updated with the latest products. You can easily upload a listing following some simple steps

Simple Steps to Upload a Listing

droom: product upload guide

You can upload listing through Droom APP for Android and IOS User

Pro-Seller to Upload a Listing

droom: product upload guide

Individual Seller to Upload a Listing

droom: product upload guide

Understand various factors to create Listing

It is easy to create a listing. You must enter all the factors to create an effective listing. Read more to understand these factors:

Basic Factors

Basic Facts are the general factors defining Make, Model, Year and Trim of the vehicle along with color, upholstery, transmission type, fuel type, and body type. These details are must as they provide the most basic and mandatory information about the vehicle.


Crisp and clear photographs give buyer the confidence to buy. Add at least 5 to 6 photographs of your listing that will give buyer an exact image of what is he looking forward to buy. Sharp images with uncluttered background are more effective and recommendable.

Key Factors

It is important to fill the key factors, as these are some of the fundamental details about the product. It define Kms driven, location of vehicle, warranty, type of seller, number of owners, date of registration, vehicle registration number and more.


This tab defines the optional attributes giving information about level of comfort & convenience, doors and windows, seats and upholstery, roof and glass, safety, and features. By mentioning these, add value to your listing as a buyer know what all features and level of style he will enjoy after buying the vehicle.

Price & Selling Options

Enter the price of the product on which you want to sell. Research the market and mark your product with the lowest price to increase your chances to sell. Also select the pricing format – Fixed Price or Best Offer under which you want to sell your product.

Housekeeping Items

Make sure to fill the Housekeeping items as this tab gives information about mode of payment a you want, vehicle viewing and shipping details, and seller schedule. This will give buyer an idea of how and when he can make the payment, where can he see the vehicle and how he will get it and on which days he can visit you.

Trust Factors

Trust is the most important thing about buying online. Mention all the trust factors to give buyers a confidence to buy. Various trust factors include diagnostic report, certification, and seller declaration along with other trust factors. These details will give buyer added information about the listing.


Writing a brief description about the listing will make things more clear. Go through tips given in app to write an adequate description of the listing.

Here are Simple Steps to Upload a Listing

Register as Pro-Seller
Click "Sell" from the navigation menu
Select Category and add "Basic Facts"
Upload Photographs of your listing
Mention other factors
Make your listing live or schedule it
Share the listing socially
For Individual Seller
Click "Sell" from the navigation menu
Select category and enter basic facts
Mention other factors and create a listing
Register /Login at droom
Pay now or schedule to make the listing live
Share the listing socially