At Droom we have launched permanent and vanity URL for dealers’ online Showroom and Storefront. As a Pro-Seller you get an online virtual Showroom and Storefront, which is very similar to your own offline showroom where you display all your vehicles and operate your dealership.

Now you get your own online Showroom and Storefront with its own permanent and vanity URL that will exclusive show your business name, branding, listings and other business details, e.g.

Here are benefits of enhanced version of Online Showroom and Storefront:

  1. You have a permanent and unique URL for online Showroom at Droom ( and Storefront (example: and, Droom allows you to use these URLs on your business cards, hoardings, and any other marketing material.
  2. Your Showroom showcase more information about your credibility and background, which builds higher trust among potential buyers.
  3. Your Storefront showcases only your listed vehicles with your name and logo

As a Premium Pro-Seller you get both Showroom and Storefront, whereas as a Basic Pro-Seller you get online Showroom only, where your business details are displayed.

Droom policies allow each and every Pro-Seller to use the URL of Showroom and/or Storefront in its marketing material, business cards, letterheads, office sign-board, standees etc. So, go ahead and enjoy your own online virtual Showroom and Storefront at Droom with your own online branding and presence.

Actions Required by You

  1. Check your online Showroom and Storefront at regularly and make enhancements and changes as your feel appropriate. Your online Showroom at Droom will have URL of (e.g. Bhumi Motors – The permanent URL for your online Storefront at Droom is, using the same example of Bhumi Motors is
  2. Manage your online Showroom and Storefront at Droom via StoreManager ( e.g. upload logo of your business to create a good impression on potential buyers.