Droom Upload Video Feature on Website!

We have successfully launched a new listing feature on our website - “Upload Video”, using which you can upload videos of your vehicle under listing creation.

Your chances of selling sooner and more goes up significantly when you use this feature. Showing 3600 view of your listing in an amazing minute-long video will give an extra edge to your listings. It is the easiest way to get buyer attention and trust. Droom is a self-service technologically advance platform, which provides you with various tools and features required to take your online store to next level.

Below are some benefits of uploading a video for your listing:

  1. Your chances of selling sooner and more goes up significantly.
  2. This will add more trust to your listing.
  3. Video will be visible on the product detail page under description tab.
  4. The information about availability of video with the listing will be displayed on the listing grid on home page and category pages through a video icon.
  5. This will help building a reputation among the potential buyers and increase online sales.
  6. A separate filter will be available for buyers to search listings with a

Droom is a self-service platform, where your success completely depends on you. Providing auction as a pricing format will help you gain a lot of buyer attention. You can also sell more in short duration of time.

How It Works

You can upload a minute-long videos of your vehicles, while creating a listing under Photos & Videos tab on website. You can either choose to upload a new video or give the direct URL of a video already uploaded on the YouTube. Login to your StoreManager to start uploading videos for your listings.

Droom is a self-service platform where your growth is in your hands. Take more and more advantage of all newly build seller tools and technologies to give your business a cutting edge.