How to Price a Product?

Online marketplace is an open space for everyone to buy and sell. It is important to optimally price an item, so it sells well. Online marketplace is a huge opportunity and customers want the highest quality with great service paying the minimum price. Every customer willing to buy a product knows the market value of that product and the best price. Over priced products are harder to sell.

List your vehicles or automobile services at low prices to get maximum buyer attention and orders. Before you put a price tag on your used vehicle make sure you –

  1. Check the Orange Book Value of your vehicle
  2. Research the market online and off-line
  3. Check the prices of similar vehicles listed by other dealers
  4. Know what extra benefits other dealers are offering
  5. Always try to provide maximum benefits to the buyer

As a seller, you must price your product in a way that customer can afford to buy and is priced to sell. You can even make use of Droom’s Orange Book Value and India Blue Book to get pricing recommendations for the vehicle.

An attractive price is the first thing a buyer notices. Mark a competitive price tag, as buyers tend to compare and conduct their research thoroughly.

Offer best price for the listing to get better business. Mention quality product description and other important details to justify the price tag of your vehicle.