Use Highlight Your Listing Feature to Sell Fast!

Droom is a self-service platform and offers various 21st Century tools and features to help sellers quickly grow their online business. We want each seller to win online at Droom. We are offering Highlight Your Listing feature through which, sellers can highlight their listings for a predefined time (for either 1 week or two weeks) and increase their chances of selling fast.

With this feature you can show your respective listing(s) as highlighted on the Search Results page with a border and different coloured title. The highlighted listing will gain more attention from the buyers and increase its chance of selling fast by 12%.

You can view your highlighted listings in the storemanager. A highlight tag will be shown against the respective listing in the StoreManager with start date, end date and amount paid.

Benefits for Seller

  1. Listings will be highlighted on the search result page with Blue border and bright red coloured title
  2. Listing will get higher visibility
  3. Reach wider audience
  4. Higher chances of selling the vehicle faster
Droom Seller Marketing Services

How it works?

You can use Highlight Your listing feature while creating a listing or add it later. Once a listing is active, you can either click on “Promote Your Listing” on the Thank You page or go to ‘Deals and Promotions’ tab in the listing creation flow. You can select time of either 1 week or 2 weeks for a listing which you want to highlight and pay for it through express checkout. Then listing will be highlighted in the search result pages for the selected time.

Highlight Your Listing fees:

Time Period Amount
For 1 Week ₹49
For 2 Week ₹98

You can login to your StoreManager account to use this new feature. Below are the steps on how it works:

Step 1: Login to your StoreManager account.

Step 2: Choose ‘Highlight Listing” in the ‘Deals and Promotions’ tab while creating a listing. Or, click on “Promote your listing” on the Thank You page or edit listing through StoreManager after it is active. It will take you to "Deals and Promotions" tab.

Step 3: Check “Highlight your Listing” and select duration for 1 week or 2 weeks.

Droom Seller Marketing Services

Step 4: Pay the amount through express checkout and your listing will be highlighted for the selected duration of time.

A highlighted Listing tag will be shown against the listings in the StoreManager that are highlighted on Droom along with the time frame for which it is highlighted.

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