Droom Launched Express Update Listing!

Sellers can use Express Update Listing feature to updated the status of multiple active listings in less than one minute. Using Express Update Listing feature, sellers can update the status and price of the listing, and upload more pictures and video of a listing, in two simple steps. Best part is that you can update details of multiple listings in one go.

Droom is a self-service platform where your success is in your hands. This feature will help you quickly update the status of your listings and reduce order cancellation. You can login to your StoreManager account to start updating your listings.

Benefits to Sellers

Following are some benefits of Express Update Listing feature:

  1. Update status of multiple listings in one go.
  2. Update selling price of multiple listing in one go.
  3. Upload pictures and videos of your listings in 2 simple steps.
  4. Decrease order cancellation and improve listing quality.
  5. Better quality of listing will help in selling more on Droom’s online platform, and attarct more buyers.

How It Works

You can change status of your listings, upload pictures, upload video, and update price of your active listings in just two simple steps. Login to your StoreManager account to use this new feature. Below are the steps on how it works:

Step 1: Login to your StoreManager account

Step 2: : Click on "My Listings" under Selling, and select the Active listings which you want to edit or update. Click on "Express Update" button given on top

Express Listing

Step 3: You can update price and upload pictures for multiple active listings

Active Listing

Step 4: Click “Save Changes” button on the top after making the required changes. You can click on “Make Primary” button given below each image to make any image as a primary image

Active Listing


Q) Will all my active listing get updated?

Ans. No, only the active listing for which you have made changes will get updated.

Q) How many listings I can update at one time?

Ans. You can update as many listings as you want using this feature. Express Updated Listing allows you to edit all your Active Listings in one go.

Q) Can I update multiple photos in one go?

Ans. Yes, you can upload multiple photos of a listing, in one go

Q) I am not able to edit price of a few listing through express update listing?

Ans. You will not be able to edit any listing which has received a bid or best offer