How to Edit Your Profile – Seller Settings (Housekeeping Details) Using StoreManager

Droom is a self-service platform and you can easily change your account settings whenever required. Add Housekeeping details to provide information about your availability and services offered by youo. Following are the steps to edit your profile settings on Droom

Login to your account on Droom, using your registered email id and password
step 1
Go to "Settings" option given on left hand side of the screen
step 2
Click on “Profile Settings”. This tab gives you an option to edit basic profile info, seller settings (housekeeping details) and business info. Seller Settings (Housekeeping Details) includes your business details like vehicle category you deal in, days and time of availability, do you offer shipping or returns and more.
step 3
Check the type of category you deal with, days you are available, time slot you available, viewing options for buyer, do you offer shipping, do you offer return, do you offer doorstep test driving, do you provide RTO and Automobile services.
step 4
If you are offering Return for cash or another vehicle, then another dropdown will appear
step 5
Click on the dropdown arrow and select the suitable Return Policy option when can buyer initiate a return
step 6
If you offer doorstep test drive service post commitment fee (token amount), then another dropdown option will be available to you mentioning the test drive charges if any
step 7
Click on the dropdown arrow and select a valid option
step 8
If you choose ‘Yes’ for RTO Services, then one more dropdown will be available
step 9
Click on the dropdown arrow and select a valid option
step 10
Check the box if you offer Automobile service and select the service(s) provided by you
step 11
After selecting the type of service you offer, select the relevant details like is it serviceable across India, service availability, time availability, SLA for service, details required from buyer to take the service and more
step 12
After providing all the required details, click “Submit” button at end of the page to save the changes
step 13