Quicksell is India’s first C2B & B2B marketplace platform. Quicksell alerts allows you to add your preferences using wh Droom is a self-service platform and you can easily change your account settings whenever required. Add Housekeeping details to provide information about your availability and services offered by youo. Following are the steps to edit your profile settings on Droom.

Login to your account on Droom, using your registered email id and password
step 1
Go to "Settings" option given on left hand side of the screen
step 2
Click on “Quicksell Alerts”. This tab allows you to set your vehicle preferences for Quicksell. Select your preferences based on the given parameters and to get relevant suggestion about vehicles listed under Quicksell. The Quicksell dashboard will show listings as per your preference only.
step 3
Select vehicle type by clicking on the dropdwon arrow
step 4
Select Make by clicking on the drop down arrow
step 5
Select Model by clicking on the drop down arrow
step 6
Select your location from drop down list
step 7
Select your budget by moving the pointers given for lower and upper cap
step 8
Click “Submit” button to save the settings
step 9