How to Edit Your Profile – Basic Info Using StoreManager

Droom is a self-service platform and you can easily change your account settings whenever required. Following are the steps to edit your profile settings on Droom

Login to your account on Droom, using your registered email id and password
step 1
Go to "Settings" option given on left hand side of the screen
step 2
Click on “Profile Settings”. This tab gives you an option to edit basic profile info, seller settings (housekeeping details) and business info.
Basic Profile Info includes your picture, name, company name/handle name (can’t be edited or changed), email, phone and password.
step 3
Go to “Basic Profile Info”. Click “Change Photo” button to add or edit a picture
step 4
Select the picture and click “open” button
You can edit the First Name and Last Name, if required. However, Company Name/Handle Name and Email can’t be edited.
step 6
You can change the phone and verify it
step 7
Click on “Verify Now” button to given corresponding to the Phone to verify it
step 8
In the pop-up window enter the OTP, which is sent on your phone number
step 9
Click “Verify and Proceed” button
step 10
To change your password, click “Change Password”
step 11
In the pop-up window, enter old password and new password
step 12
Click on “Change Password” button to save the new password
step 13
Click on “Save” button to save all the changes. You can click on “Undo Changes” button to undo all the changes made under Basic Profile Info
step 13