Droom Launches History Reports for Used Vehicles!

We have expanded our automobile ecosystem services with the launch of History. It is an unbiased report which provides overall information about a vehicle’s background. History report is generated using Droom’s proprietary technology through vehicle’s registration number. Both buyers and sellers can use this important information while choosing one among the wide range of used vehicles.

History is solely created to address various issues related with a used vehicle’s safety, trust, and value. As a seller, you can offer History Report with any listing to add more trust and value. History Report offers crucial details for a used vehicle which are quintessential while purchasing a vehicle, as the pre-owned automobile market is full of greys. It will help buyers in making a more informed decision, while giving security for investment and peace of mind.

Benefits of History Report

  1. Check any vehicle's history online within a minute.
  2. Comprehensive and consolidated vehicle history from multiple authoritative sources
  3. Quick and easy access to information about any kind of vehicle registered in India
  4. Authentic data to help you make more informed decision in vehicle sale or purchase
  5. Build your brand online by offering crucial vehicle details, not found elsewhere
  6. Give buyer more trust and value for money

Check VehicleHistory.in for more details

How It Works

It is easy to get vehicle history report for any vehicle. You can simply enter VIN or Registration Number of your vehicle and check availability of the report. Then, download the vehicle history report for free from the link provided or your registered email id.

History flow chart | How it works