Offer ECO Inspection with Listings for Better Conversion!

Dear Sellers

Droom offers ECO Inspection as one of its automobile ecosystem services, which is used by various Droom to offer auto inspection on their deals. Droom’s app for performing auto inspection – ECO, is India’s most advanced, independent, objective, unbiased, comprehensive and scientific auto inspection and verification service provider.

We have launched new version of Eco Inspection report with Orange Book Value (OBV) integration and revamped look & feel. The new Eco Inspection report will give better understanding of inspection results for quick decision making. Check out what was there earlier and what’s new:

What Existed in Eco Inspection Reports –

  1. Complete Vehicle Information
  2. Overall ECO Score based on scores of different segments (For car – Interior, Wheel, Test, Exterior, Hood and for bike – Tire, Control, Light, Oil, Chassis, Stand)
  3. Inspection results of each Segment, Individual checkpoint score
  4. Estimated Cost for faulty parts/ repairs
  5. Key Observations (Accidental history, flood damage, dents, insurance, RC, Bank Hypothecation etc.)

What has changed in New Version of Eco Inspection Reports –

  1. New Look and feel designed for easy/ better understanding of inspection results, easier comparison analysis and faster decision making.
  2. Addition of new parameters like - No of owners, Vehicle Age, Accidental History/ No. of accidents if any, Brake Performance under vehicle test segment.
  3. OBV integration - Based on parameters reported and eco evaluation, what is the fair market value for respected vehicle while marking the vehicle condition as 'Bad, Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent'
  4. Clear breakup of Need attention & Acceptable Inspection Results - Checkpoints with score of 5 or less will be marked as 'Need attention' and ones with score greater than 5 will be marked as 'Acceptable'. Separate sections for both under each segment will be provided.

Benefits to Sellers:

  1. Get unbiased, independent & most comprehensive Auto Inspection for your inventory, as inspected vehicles sell fast.
  2. Get the service delivered at your door step.
  3. Inspection is based on exhaustive 121 points under 7 buckets
  4. Realize the optimal price of the vehicle and sell fast
  5. Get higher full circle trust score for your listings with an inspection report.
  6. Higher Full Circle Trust Score translates to higher sales.

Anyone who can read and write in English, fix an automobile for a living with some solid experience in the field of automobile, and has the mobility to move around the city, can get on-boarded as an auto inspection technician/ECO Ninja with ECO through a simple registration process. Once the registration is done, the on-boarding process constitutes of rigorous training, verification, and background checks.

ECO ensures to have the best of the best professionals in this field of service to maintain high quality and customer satisfaction.

How It Works

Following are the steps to order auto inspection:

Order Auto Inspection on Eco through Droom Platform.
Depending upon your location, the service request is assigned to an auto inspection professional a.k.a ECO Ninja.
ECO Ninja chooses one of your preferred timeslots.
You are informed about when the inspection/verification service will be performed.
ECO Ninja will visit your location and perform the auto Inspection for your vehicle.
Post inspection/verification, digital inspection report is generated and delivered to the you instantaneously.
You can give rating and reviews for the service performed on Droom platform.

Inspection will be performed using ECO’s proprietary methodology by professionals. The inspection checklist is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive covering all the important points needed in verifying or inspecting a vehicle.


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